Who we are

ADB ASSIST does not just 'tow', but successfully offers specialised repairing services every day. Pieter Vanlersberghe reinvented the job and the industry in the past twenty years. ADB ASSIST helps people. That is our core business. The car or the truck is the means to that end.


ADB ASSIST evolved from one-man business to corporation in no more than three years. In 2005 the pace quickened rapidly. From simple police missions to insurance companies and more. Much more. And much better. From 3,000 tows a year then, to 12,000 now. New car workshops came, the Port of Zeebrugge, we have ADB Truck Assist... Mere 'towing' is not enough anymore. Does not exist anymore. The emphasis is on professionalizing. We invest in information, IT, applications, partnerships. The latter being preferable to competition. By expanding our action area, we keep on growing. Meanwhile, our exclusive contracts proof that we have earned our clients' full confidence. With Truck Assist we have established a network of forty subcontractors with whom we look for solutions for important clients within the Benelux and possibly even Europe. ADB ASSIST always guarantees a broad end-to-end approach.


ADB ASSIST helps people. That is our core business. The car or the truck is the means to that end. Our job is to create safety. Safety for those whose car broke down and for passing traffic. A stationary car is a magnet for accidents and is always a genuine risk. Therefore, we invest in and pay attention to a good information flow and follow-up. I want a person whose car broke down to stay informed about the situation at all times. You can follow the technician almost in real time, which has a positive effect on your peace of mind. We stay in contact with the field in any case. Starting with giving some tips that can save lives. When the situation is agitated, we must stay calm. We believe in qualitative, quick and competent assistance. That is our biggest and most important asset.