Our team

Roadside assistance. One phone call. No more than 45 minutes later assistance arrives. It seems simple, but, as for every professional approach, a motivated, specialised and focused team is behind it all. Toppers who strive for the best.


Thomas, Yves, Fran├žois and Steven are the experienced and trained people responsible for first-line advice. They coordinate everything. From the first, liberating "hello", to the solution to your problem and everything in between. They are contact points, peace bringers, advisors, 'monitorers' and much more.

Tow masters

Technicians Joeri and Wouter, as well as manager Pieter, can officially call themselves tow masters and therefore they take charge on the tow site. In close consultation with the fire service commander and with the support of the police, they assume responsibility on site. Safety is their priority.


Geert, Dylan, Jan, Pavel, Maxim and Gialique - who you can call Charlie for the sake of convenience - are the men who come on-site. Technically trained, schooled and experienced. Diplomas are not the first thing we talk about, but credentials pop up automatically if your standards are high.


ADB ASSIST is committed to assist clients throughout the Benelux and Europe. To be able to do this well and timely, we are establishing an extensive and reliable network. We keep on monitoring, checking, evaluating and guaranteeing, but our forty international and national partners assure quick interventions.


Every smooth, well-oiled and rapidly executed operation is the result of a whole team. And this team can keep on functioning at a high level because all formalities, administration and follow-up are in the good and reliable hands of Sigrid and Bieke